AASCIT Journal of Materials
Instructions to Authors about Paper Publication Fee

AASCIT Journal of Materials is an open access journal, which is available online to the reader without financial or technical barriers. Under the open access policy, the editorial office relies on the paper publication fee to cover publishing costs (including editorial costs, any costs of administering the peer review system, etc.).

The submitting author must confirm, at the time of submission, that they will organize payment after the paper is accepted for publication.

Following peer review, once a paper has been accepted by the journal in principle, the publication fee becomes payable and formatting checks on the manuscript will commence. Once formatting checks are completed, and payment of the publication fee has been received, the paper will be published online.

Paper Publication Fee

The publication fee for papers submitted to the journal is 860 USD.

Paper Publication Fee 860 USD

If you don’t want your paper to be published in this Journal, the following journals are also for your reference:

Recommended Journals Paper publication Fee for Authors
from High Income Countries
Paper publication Fee for Authors
from Upper Middle Income Countries
Journal of Materials Sciences and Applications 1060 USD 1060 USD
AASCIT Journal of Nanoscience 860 USD 860 USD
American Journal of Materials Research 860 USD 860 USD
American Journal of Science and Technology 760 USD 760 USD

Payment Methods for Authors

Payment for the paper publication fee can be made as soon as the manuscript has been accepted in principle. Five kinds of payment methods are available for intending authors (US Dollar is supportable):

1. PayPal
2. Debit/Credit Card
3. Wire Transfer
4. Western Union
5. MoneyGram

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